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The following represents a sampling of the reviews for Fabric for the Designed Interior. The reviews are reflective of well-established designers, architects, fabric editors, industry executives, and individuals within the academic community.


An exceptionally well written and researched book for today's designers. A comprehensive yet practical tool with enduring qualities that fills a void and speaks to the role and use of fabric for residential and commercial interiors. The two-hour DVD does a great job expanding and clarifying content found in the book by revealing the intricacies of manufacturing and selling fabric for designed interiors.

Carl D'Aquino of D'Aquino Monaco
New York, NY

Finally, a great book for everyone who loves design and fabric and how the two are interrelated-literally-how fibers become fabric and designs evolve. The book also touches on how fabric defines culture. And Koe delivers the information in an easy style with riveting tidbits.

The book is a bible for students of design, established designers, and architects. The accompanying DVD tours a vertical fabric mill showing the ancient art of fabric and print making. And the Design Center showroom tours offer insights into how professional designers work. This comprehensive book is a must read!

William R. Eubanks, Principal
William R. Eubanks Interiors, Inc.
Memphis, TN and Palm Beach, FL

I wish I had a book like this when I was attending design school! Often, the only way we really learn about fabric production, styling, how to source products, what professional interior designers demand, etc. is through actually getting a job and working hard to learn much of what we should have gotten in class.

Fabric for the Designed Interior and DVD provides all the information in a beautifully visual way that allows a person starting out to hit the ground running!

Emily Wynn, Stylist
Trend Division
Tulsa, OK

I recently had Dr. Koe speak to my Interior Design and CAD students. He is not only a very dynamic and highly informed speaker but an accomplished writer.

The reason I had Dr. Koe speak to my students is because I examined his new book, Fabric for the Designed Interior and found it to be the BEST text I have ever read ! I will be using his text, DVD, and support materials solely for our Finishes class.

Jane Davenport
Program Director, Interior Design/CAD
Westwood College
Atlanta, GA